People Helping People in Hernando County

Community Garden Grows!

Fresh radishes add flavor to Sunday Blessing's salads


Garden supplies fresh veggies

Thanks to several dedicated volunteers, the garden at Kass Circle is growing.  Beets, carrots, onions, radishes and sweet potatoes are the root vegetables growing in the raised beds.  The towers have kale, lettuce, herbs and other leaf veggies.


Help PHP with their community garden

Hernando County gives PHP $5000 Grant

Community Outreach Grant Program recipients selected (Brooksville, FL)  The Hernando County Board of County Commissioners is proud to announce that it has selected 10 local organizations to receive $5,000 each through its Community Outreach Grant Program. 

People Helping People in Hernando, Inc. (PHP):  PHP plans to construct a community vegetable garden on newly purchased property located at 1396 Kass Circle in Spring Hill.  The garden project will be used to teach impoverished citizens how to garden and understand good nutrition.  The vegetables raised will supplement the food PHP normally purchases for the meals prepared for these citizens. The garden will be available to all Hernando County citizens who demonstrate a need and a desire to learn about gardening and nutrition.

PHP Starts Garden Project

Thanks to Hernando County Government, PHP has planted a fall garden at 1396 Kass Circle.  Although it was a late start, the volunteers prepared the old hardware garden center site for a community garden.  With the help of Bernie and Maria Rybka, additional donations were received for a fence in order to keep the garden secure.  The Rybkas helped level the site and then installed the fence in addition the landscape fabric purchased by the grant.  Then garden towers were purchased and assembled as well as traditional raised garden boxes.  Thanks to an additional grant from Lowes and Home Depot, plants and seeds were planted at the new community garden. 

Harvesting Now

PHP is now providing extra fresh veggies to the needy in Hernando County.  Rama Hiba, one of PHP's volunteers is shown maintaining the garden.  Each week, Rama checks the hydroponic towers pH and water levels to make sure the plants are receiving adequate nourishment.  Additionally, the traditional gardens must be weeded, cultivated and checked for pests and fungus.