People Helping People in Hernando County

Less than $100,000  needed to start construction of the Community Resource Center at Kass Circle

Fight hunger and poverty in Hernando County by making a tax-deductible donation to our building fund.  PHP needs funds and partners to renovate the Kass Circle building and purchase equipment and furniture.  Originally, it was estimated that over $400,000 would be needed for construction to build a Community Resource Center and a headquarters at 1396 Kass Circle. As of January, 2017, only $75,000 to $100,000 remains. The old hardware building needs to be gutted and then retrofitted according to code into a facility for the most vulnerable citizens of Hernando County.  When completed, the building will have a commercial kitchen, a dining room, a classroom and a multipurpose room, restrooms, laundry, storage, and offices for PHP and other agencies.  Join People Helping People in Hernando County and help build brighter tomorrows and restore a sense of dignity to the homeless and the hungry in our community.  PHP’s ambitious expansion plan will help needy individuals help themselves. When completed, the facility will be a place where individuals and families can get food, to get cleaned up and get connected to available resources.

The old hardware has been vacant for over 10 years.  PHP plans a commercial kitchen, laundry, a cafe, dining room, classrooms and offices.

In early 2017, People Helping People will be applying for a construction permit to build a Community Resource Center.  Then, PHP will need plumbers, electricians, dry-wall installers, carpenters, painters and other construction workers.  

Your tax-deductible donation will help build brighter tomorrows for hungry kids and families.