People Helping People in Hernando County

Recognizing our Volunteers

PHP is fortunate that Hernando County is such a generous community.  Not only does the community support PHP with funds, but the community has an abundance of people willing to volunteer and share their time and energy.  Check back often, as we plan to change this page frequently.  

Volunteers Needed

As PHP grows, the need for volunteers grows as well. If you want to help others or have "community service hours" to do, PHP may be a good fit for you. As you can see from this page, we have a variety of jobs available.  Just call (352) 686-4466 or click here to sign-up on line to help PHP take a bite out of hunger in Hernando County!

Serving Meals

Every Sunday, PHP serves a hot meal to anyone who is hungry.  And the servers are different each week based on who is providing the meal. Some organizations, such as the Hernando Harmonizers, want to serve, while other organizations just want to provide the meal.  In that case, PHP has volunteers that will spend their Sunday afternoon serving the less fortunate.

Sunday Assistance

   Each Sunday, Evangeline Reid, visits with the guests at Sunday Blessings to determine if they need assistance.  Besides giving out advice and guidance, Evangeline distributes donated meal cards from local restaurants to needy individuals and families.  


Please let us know if you know a PHP volunteer who needs recognition for the great job they are doing.  353-686-4466

Volunteer Advisory

The Volunteer Advisory Board members, Lorna Toole, Kay Esmond, Beth Donaldson, Jane Telander and Eva Lavigne meet to help PHP better serve its volunteers and PHP.


The Just for Fun Golf Group is one of PHP's best fundraisers. Over the years, this group has raised thousands of dollars by giving a face to PHP at grocery store entrances and at festivals throughout the county.  


Here's Rick unloading camping supplies for PHP's Neighborhood Blessings program.  In addition to food, PHP provides those living in their cars or in the woods - the homeless - with tents, toiletries, and cookstoves.  Recently, the number of homeless in Hernando County has grown considerably. 


Scheduling Servers

  When it comes to scheduling people to serve dinners on Sunday, it's Linda Daughtery! Since 2009, Linda has been juggling the volunteer schedule to make sure PHP has an adequate number of servers each week.  If you would like to volunteer as a server, please call (352) 66-4466 or complete the handy online form for volunteers.  Please don't just show-up on Sunday if you want to work because Linda most likely already has volunteers in place for that date.

Helping Seniors

At PHP, it's Yvonne Woods that makes sure hungry seniors in Hernando County get extra food each month. Yvonne and a team of volunteers in Brooksville shop for nutritious food, make up bags of groceries and delivers supplemental food in low-income neighbors in the county. Seniors have commented that if it weren't for PHP's Senior Blessings, they would have a hard time making it through the month.

A hot meal for the Homeless

Thanks to Ellen Frank, each week the homeless in Hernando receive a hot meal. If Ellen isn't picking it up from Evergreen Woods, who donates meals for the homeless, she is at home cooking or heating a meal so the most needy folks in Hernando have something hot to eat each Tuesday afternoon.

Food for Kids


Thanks to Maureen Follansbee, most of the elementary schools, both Head Start centers, the Boys & Girls Club, and a few middle and high schools have Weekend Blessings.  This program serves over 600 kids who during the week receive breakfast and lunch from school.  However, on the weekends, they have little or nothing to eat at home. Weekend Blessings provides a backpack filled with nutritious food for the kids in that household. Under Maureen's leadership this program continues to grow as the population of needy children grows in Hernando County.


It is Jeanne and Rick that receive, sort, shelve and bag groceries at PHP's storage unit on Mariner Blvd in Spring Hill.   Since PHP has seen a lot of growth, Rick and Jeanne will need help at the storage unit. If you are interested in helping out, please call 352-686-4466.